Our service

Any building project can seem daunting, so we have prepared this simple guide to help explain the process involved in altering and/or extending your property.

Our first consultation is free so please contact us to arrange a meeting where we can visit your property and discuss your ideas.

Stage 1:Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study is where we produce sketches and drawings of your ideas based on discussions and your budget.

We work closely with you to reach a design solution you love and want to see come to life.

Timescale: 2-3 weeks

Stage 2:Planning Application

Once you are satisfied with the design solution reached during the Feasibility Study, we generate more detailed drawings and submit a comprehensive Planning Application to the relevant Local Authority for review and await a decision.

Timescale: Generally, 8-10 weeks

Stage 3:Building Warrant Application

Once the Planning Application is Approved, we look at the design in much finer detail and introduce the input of a Structural Engineer.

Once you are happy with the details such as; lighting layout, heating options and other specifications we submit a comprehensive Building Warrant Application to the relevant Local Authority for review and await decision.

Timescale: Generally, 8-10 weeks

Stage 4:Construction Phase & CDM (Construction Design and Management)

Once the Building Warrant Application is Approved, appropriate health and safety documentation is prepared, ready for issue to the Building Contractor.

Stage 5:Contract Administration & Construction Works

The Building Contractor is provided with all relevant information to allow the Build to begin.

Stage 6:Completion and Handover

When the Building Contractor is complete, we will apply to the relevant Local Authority to obtain a Completion Certificate. A Building Control Officer will visit the property before signing the works off.