The development is for 4no. Houses on a Brownfield Site in Letham.

The Masterplan incorporates 3no. 3 Bedroom Bungalows and 1no. larger 1.5 storey 4 bedroom house. The houses are a simple modern design to provide contemporary new homes whilst being able to sit within the local context and area. The majority of the nearby houses are all single storey, but to the North/North-East of the site there are a number of 1.5-2 storey houses and given the site topography it was felt that the larger plot to the east could easily accommodate a large house, whilst still sitting lower than the roofline of the single storey house to the North of the site.

The proposed houses all contain large open plan kitchen/dining/living areas at ground floor which open onto an external patio space connecting the houses with the gardens.

The houses all incorporate the same material palette: pitched slate roof, white rendered walls, vertical weatherboard cladding and natural stonework. This should allow the new houses to fit well in their rural setting in Letham.

The larger house type Glazed Gable with folding sliding doors at ground floor level and a sheltered balcony at upper level.