The site is located in the Barns of Craig area south of Montrose.

The development consists of 4 new houses on a Brownfield Site, with shared access via an internal courtyard. The houses are all orientated to take advantage of the fantastic views to the south over the countryside, and to the North into Montrose Basin and Harbour.

The modern houses were designed to replicate agricultural buildings with curved metal roofs, vertical cladding with Cedral cladding panels and stone cladding using Denfind stone. Stonework has continued throughout the site with areas of low stone dyke walling around the main access, and to the main road.

The houses are all 1.5 storeys with 4 bedrooms, and large open plan areas at ground floor which open onto an external patio space. The spaces are all generous with large windows connecting the rooms with the views outside, and the garden room has large triangular windows with a void connecting the space with the additional upper floor lounge area.

The result is a superb rural development on the edge of Montrose creating 4no. stunning homes.