The site is located in the North Eastern section of Dundee (Whitfield) just South of the main trunk road Berwick Drive. Whitfield is benefiting from major regeneration initiative, involving creation of 900 new houses (750 of which will be private) and a new school. 

The Phase 2 proposal was for 26 2-3 bedroom houses, using a mix of 3 house type variants (two storey houses and bungalows).

The frontages of the buildings are simple but attractive, and by using both detached and semi-detached units this will create a range of provision and a varied street elevation. The variants utilise different colours/materials/elevational treatments to help create a more interesting streetscape and no two of the same house types are located on adjacent plots. 

The houses are constructed off site using the clients unique factory conditions, then shipped to site and finished in-situ.