Full planning permission was obtained for a large 24 Acre Industrial park on the edge of Carnoustie, with excellent Transport links to the A92. The industrial zone is split down into 2no. smaller zones 1A (14 Acres) and 1B (10 Acres). The first zone 1A shows a range of units which allow the development to respond to market demand and potential interest.

The concept is for a single access point and an internal ring road to create 8no. large zones at the perimeter. A 20-30m landscape buffer has been created to the south and western boundaries to separate the industrial park from the main upper Victoria link road and the adjacent housing site.

Each of the plots have been made a similar size to allow the potential interchangeability of the industrial units according to demand. Each of the sites 1-8 allow for a range of unit configurations.

The central zone is allocated for 24no. small starter units (1,440 sqft) which have been developed alongside Angus Council Economic Development department who provided key information as to the current demand for smaller sized units around 1,500 sqft. There is currently high demand for these small starter units for a wide range of smaller business and these have been designed specifically to respond to this to be resource efficient, simple and attractive.  A simple unit was developed on a grid of 14 x 6m to use a steel frame construction. 

Externally the materials chosen are neutral using a light grey metal cladding for the wall, picking out key areas in dark grey such as the boxed out surround highlighting the large vehicle entrance doors. A dark grey metal roof will also compliment the aesthetic. A simple numbering system will also help identify each of the units on site, and the company signage for each unit will be in a set location to create a uniform frontage.