The site is located within the Arbroath Abbey to Harbour conservation area. The proposal is to alter/extend 2 key areas:

  • Work – Alterations and improvement of an existing Fish Shop and Ground Floor Frontage
  • Home – Alterations and extension of an existing house, creating new living space (replacing an existing conservatory)

At Ground Floor level the main proposal was to remove the exiting WC and enlarge the shop, allowing for new full height glass at the front of the shop for an improved main entrance and frontage. The existing chiller and food prep areas would be retained, with a new staff toilet added at the back corner to replace the existing. The house GF level would remain largely the same, with an existing store cupboard expanded to accommodate a new downstairs bathroom for the 2no. GF bedrooms.

At first floor level the first move was to remove the existing conservatory (which had existing windows on all 3 sides) replacing it with a longer living space. This would connect directly back into an open plan kitchen/dining space but infilling the existing ‘void’ above the Pend area, helping to reconnect the kitchen and living spaces. 

Externally the extension is a simple pitched slate roof that ties back directly into the crow-stepped gable of the existing house. The glazing and rooflights will help to create a bright open space and much improved living area. The full height glass to the new shop will have the new branding/signage above it, with the Fish symbol extending to tie together the shop and house elements.