The masterplan at Tranent Grove was for 64 houses, split across 3 Phases. 

The site was historically part of the Whitfield Development of the ‘Skarne’ blocks from the 1960s which were demolished in the 1990s, and the site was then the location for St. Matthews Primary School. 

The primary school was demolished in 2019 as part of Dundee City Councils school merger and construction programme, and the site was then allocated for housing as part of Dundee City Council Local Plan 2019 (Site reference H28) and put on the market for development.

They key strategies of the Masterplan were:

  • Create a new main access to the site from the South (Lothian Crescent) 
  • Create 2no. further access points (suggested from site brief) connecting existing roads to the site
  • Retain the key existing pathways to the centre of the site
  • Retain existing greenspace and park in centre (outwith development boundary) but creating a landscaped zone around this within the site to re-enforce and enhance this 
  • Create a ‘green corridor’ at east. The OH lines severely restrict development on a large portion of the site but creating a landscaped green corridor will assist biodiversity and make use of that part of the site
  • Maximise the house frontages facing onto the main road to south (Lothian Crescent) via new roads. Minimise any backs of houses facing main routes
  • Creation of landscaped area and SUDS zones near to main entrance at south (lowest point of site)